Goals and Goal Setting to improved our Driving Lessons in Wrexham

With the Coaching of learner drivers now being set as the standard suggested by the DVSA .We will take a look at how we implement this in Nigel Richards Driving School to improve our Driving Lessons in Wrexham

Goals break learning down to bite size chunks

When asking a typical learner driver the question:

“What would you like to achieve today?”

Many times the answer is:

“Pass my driving test”

Here we are offered a great opportunity to break the whole process down into manageable bite size chunks and hopefully make quicker gains towards the pupils overall objective.

If a pupil is overwhelmed in any situation we find it is best to break the task down into bite size chunks. At the same time reminding them that the goals may not be achieved straight away. But can be used as stepping stones to learn the skill by reviewing any mistakes and improving on them.

If the only goal is driving test success then it can take a long while until the pupil experiences any sense of achievement.

Goal Setting

Pupils who are encouraged to set their own goals on driving lessons then strength and areas for development are often noticed by the pupil without the driving instructor having to say a thing!

In learning to set their own goals they will learn to identify what they are good at and their weaknesses. This will help them feel the improvement and success is more down to them rather than the instructor. We find these occasions are often greeted by pupils making comments such as “Yeah, i,m getting there!”

Goal Setting and Self Awareness

It is important as a driving instructor that you understand the learning needs of your pupils.

Do they know how they learn the best? VARK?

Do they know their emotions fuel their decisions, judgements and behaviour?

By encouraging them to set their own goals many of the these areas will become apparent and the pupil will become much more self aware. The barriers will disappear as soon as someone is encouraged to set their own goals for the lesson. They will no longer feel insecure of fearful.

Learning to set goals we find moves each pupil towards being able to realise their full potential and perform much better on their driving test.


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