Meet The Team

Nigel Richards Driving School have been providing driving lessons in Wrexham since 1994. All our team have been trained by Nigel Richards Instructor Training and some are ex pupils of the school!

Nigel Richards

Founded by Nigel Richards, a passionate driver since his youth, our driving school began in July 1994 with a single student. Today, we deliver 500-600 lessons weekly across Wrexham, Mold, and Oswestry, and are proud to now teach a second generation of drivers whose parents were among our first pupils. Starting as a solo instructor, Nigel expanded the school to meet growing demand, now boasting a fleet of 14 cars and a team of instructors—all trained in the innovative coaching methods he developed coming up to 30 years.  Our commitment to excellence continues as we consistently integrate the latest client-centered teaching techniques, ensuring the best learning experience for every student.

Nigel Richards Driving School

Neil Rowlands (AKA The Welsh Wizard)

We are pleased to have Neil Rowlands on our team as he is a fluent Welsh speaker and now allows Nigel Richards Driving School to offer lessons in Welsh and English. So if you would like your driving lessons to be conducted in our native language then Neil is your man!

Neil is an experienced driving instructor who has been working in Pwllheli, West Wales and has now moved over to Wrexham and joined our school. Already proving a great success with our pupils in his new Vauxhall Corsa Neil is always in great demand and we enjoy having him on the team.

Nigel Richards Driving School

Jenny Thompson (AKA The Golden Girl)

Jen Thompson learnt to drive with Nigel Richards Driving School when she was 17, as did her 3 brothers.

Hailing from a Wrexham farming family family Jenny got plenty of early vehicle control of the fields of the family farm. 

After trying a few career paths Jenny decided her love of driving should be followed and decided to train to be a driving instructor. She came back to Nigel Richards Driving School for her training.

She passed all the examination to become an approved driving instructor and we think its now safe to say she has found her ideal profession.

Since passing she has fitted perfectly into the team. Shes easily recognised with the HELLJEN number plate!

Nigel Richards Driving School

Paul Johns (AKA Golfing Great)

Paul trained with Nigel after being made redundant from a local factory after many years of service. He felt he needed a more rewarding career and took the step to pursue his interest in driving. Upon passing all his qualifying exams Paul joined the team. His popularity amongst pupils was instant due to his very calm and confidence boosting nature and methods of teaching

He now gets regularly recommended to other pupils for these attributes and is really enjoying his time with the school, which now gives him the flexibility to enjoy his golfing more combined with giving his pupils a great service.

"We were delighted with the speed at which driving lessons in Wrexham were organised having booked a cancellation test in Wrexham. Paul the instructor was great in getting our son through the test first time. A great company with great instructors"

Piers Goodall, Erbistock, Wrexham

"Paul, top man got me my licence in 4 months, nice fella in the car chatty and isn't scared to tell you if you're doing something wrong which is needed when trying to pass your test. Always on time and did everything possible to shift around lessons to fit me in on a different day if needed. I had a great experience with Paul and can't thank him enough for helping me pass my test couldn't recommend him and Nigel Richard driving
Jac Tennant
Nigel Richards Driving School

Nick Roberts

Nick Roberts learnt to drive at 17 years of age with Nigel following in the footsteps of his older siblings who also all learnt with us. Passing at 1st attempt he then furthered his driving career in the Royal Air Force by becoming a Firefighter.

Nicks love of driving caused him to enquire about becoming an instructor resulting in him enrolled into our driving instructor training program. He took his time over the training, getting everything right and passing every exam at the first attempt with flying colours!

His instructional ability was then put to the test, resulting in his first 5 tests all passing! An amazing achievement. We are so pleased to have him on the team and so are his full diary of pupils!

He now helps us train our team of instructors.

"I got the number from a neighbour who had nothing but good words to say about the driving school. My instructor Nick Roberts was a very patient teacher who was great at explaining things and was always on time and punctual. I found it very easy to book lessons and I really enjoyed learning to drive with Nick as he was alot of fun"

Rohan Ninan, Wrexham

"Would highly recommend. I came to Nigel Richards driving school after not progressing well with another instructor. Well I never looked back, Nick was brilliant and had me passed in no time. Thanks so much!"
Rachael Harman
Nigel Richards Driving School

Jon Foulkes

"Meet Jon, a valued member of our team whose journey to becoming a driving instructor is as inspiring as it is unique. It all began when Jon's son, Jordan, was learning to drive at Nigel Richards Driving School. Jordan's instructor, Nigel, was impressed by his consistent progress with each lesson.

Curious about this remarkable development, Nigel learned that Jon, Jordan's father, had been diligently practicing with him. This discovery revealed Jon's latent passion for teaching driving. With a longstanding interest in this profession, Jon seized the opportunity to train with us.


His dedication and skill have since culminated in an impressive high pass rate among his students. Jon's story is a testament to the unexpected paths that lead to fulfilling careers and the excellence we nurture at our driving school."

"Good feedback from a relative who used this company was my reason for choosing Nigel Richards Driving School." "I found there was a lot more things to learn than I anticipated in learning to drive" "My driving instructors methods were simple and easy to understand and Jon made me feel at ease" "I most definitely would recommend Nigel Richards Driving School as my instructor was pleasant and made me feel very comfortable with my driving lessons in Wrexham"  Phil Johnson, Penycae, Wrexham

Nigel Richards Driving School

Jamie Pritchard (AKA Gym Fit Jamie)

Jamie trained with Nigel Richards Instructor Training after deciding to pursue a career change like his work colleague who also trained as an instructor in Wrexham with us.

He is a keen fitness enthusiast and the flexibility of driving instruction allows him to attend his gym to his liking. The flexibility also allows him to spend more time with his young son.

Jamie has a superb pass rate with his pupils and they all comment on how they enjoy his relaxed and patient method of coaching driving.

I chose Nigel Richards Driving School as I kept seeing all their cars around the town. I then read rally good reviews and when I enquired I got a really quick response to book my lessons.
The things I enjoyed the most were feeling in control and planning of my learning by setting goals at the beginning of each lesson and reviewing them at the end. My instructor Jamie Pritchard was confident, calm and kept me motivated. He was very approachable and quick to respond to any questions. The reason I would recommend this driving school is they are friendly, quick to reply and answer any questions you have every time which I find puts you at ease.

Ruby Tapp, Wrexham

Nigel Richards Driving School

Ian Speare (AKA The Ice Man)

Before joining our team, Ian navigated the complexities of logistics planning at a haulage firm, where he honed his expertise in transport and organization. This experience seamlessly transitioned into his role as a driving instructor. Under the mentorship of Nigel, Ian demonstrated exceptional aptitude, swiftly passing all his qualifying exams on the first try.

Ian's personal success isn't just a testament to his skill but also a foundation for his teaching approach. He instils confidence and competence in his students, who frequently mirror his achievement by showcasing their abilities confidently at the test centre.

When he's not guiding students behind the wheel, Ian indulges in cycling, embracing the freedom and adventure of the open road. He also plays a vital role in his family's culinary ventures, delivering delectable homemade cakes and brownies crafted by his wife. Joining Ian's class isn't just about learning to drive; it's about embarking on a journey towards skilful and confident driving.

"If i could recommend any one it would be Ian Speare after all the trouble i had with other instructors it was amazing to get with Nigel Richards Driving School in Wrexham and also a bonus to have Ian as my instructor, he was so patient and understanding with my nerves and helped me gain my confidence in driving! I have now passed my driving test and can go for days out with my boys. Thank you again for everything! Highly recommended driving school"!    Chelsea Wilson


I have been having lessons with Ian for over a year. At the start my nerves were horrendous, I doubted myself that much I thought about going to automatic (so glad I didn't) 😁. Every lesson I had with Ian he made me feel calm and if there was ever a mistake made we would talk through it and resolve it there and then to which I would overcome and complete. I would 100% recommend Nigel Richards Driving School to anyone who is wanting to start learning to drive even if your nerves are stopping you, go for it. You will not be disappointed! What a journey it has been for myself and Ian we have had some laughs and cries(mainly I'm the one crying)😂 along the way as well as achieving goals.
Thank you so much Ian, I definitely would not of been able to achieve my 1st time pass today with only 3 minors👏🏻. Good luck to any new/current learners with Ian, you will smash it!  Emma Goodwin

Nigel Richards Driving School

Geraint Hayward

Geraint joined the Nigel Richards Driving School team after passing through our training system. He is a resident of the wonderful town of Llangollen and covers our pupil enquiries from there up to Chirk and Gobowen. Geraint has always been a big driving fan having learnt to drive tractors at an early age he still take to the fields on occasion and is a huge Formula 1 fan.


100% would recommend to anyone. Best learner driving experience! Thank you to my instructor Geraint Heyward who was the biggest help super friendly. I didn’t feel nervous at all for my lessons which some people do really looked forward to them so grateful !! 5 stars  Alana Williams, Cefn Mawr, Wrexham

Nigel Richards Driving School

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson is our Mold area instructor. He approached us to train as a driving instructor after being made redundant from his previous job. Becoming a driving instructor had been an ambition of Dave's for many years and the act of being made redundant was the catalyst to start him on the journey to complete his ambition. Dave is a an avid drummer in a local band and real people person which shows in the glowing feedback reviews from his pupils.


"A big thank you to Dave Johnson from Nigel Richards Driving School as he’s been brilliant. Every lesson he has been encouraging, friendly and helpful which increased my confidence tenfold!!! I highly recommend!"

Elin Henstock

Nigel Richards Driving School

Gillian Burgess - ( AKA The Woman of Oz)

Gillian Burgess is our Oswestry based instructor. Gillian came to us for her instructor training after not having the best experience with another training school. She soon picked up our methods and passed all the examinations with flying colours. In her past life Gillian was a teacher with a love for driving.

So when a desire for a new challenge arose, it seemed logical to combine the skills. We are pleased to confirm that Gillian is now a key member of our team over the border in Shropshire and is getting superb feedback from her pupils.

"Gillian was the best driving instructor, calm, patient and actually taught me. I hear everyone complaining about instructors because they just huff and expect you to be a professional driver the first time you sit in the seat but gillian understands that you may have never been in a car and teaches you everything in the most understandable way and fills you with confidence in your driving capability. No chance i would have passed if it was anyone else teaching me to drive. 10/10 definitely getting recommended to friends and family"

Nigel Richards Driving School

Eric Ellard- AKA Erico!

Eric approached Nigel Richards Driving Instructor training to train as an instructor to seek and more flexible career to suit his life circumstances. He totally dedicated himself to every aspect of the training which resulted in him passing every one of the qualifying exams at the first attempt!

He is a an avid Wrexham fan which is another reason he became and instructor with us because he no longer had to worry about having to "Apply" for time off to attend the matches! He now has a full diary of pupils and is really enjoying the career he so desired and this enjoyment is reflected in his pupils performance on their lessons and tests.

Nigel Richards Driving School

Adam Healy

Adam arrived at our driving school seeking an escape from his job. He wanted greatly flexibility and a more rewarding career. And judging by his dedication he certainly seems to have got that!

His dedication to his training is reflected in training his own pupils and the results he gets at the test centre. Adam spare time is dedicated to building his dream home and tending to his sheep, goats and many other animals on the home farm. He is always in big demand in the Llafynydd/Mold areas.

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