Show Me Tell Me Questions

At the beginning of your driving test the examiner will ask you 2 questions, these are usually asked before you enter the car to start the driving test.

Show Me Tell Me QuestionsThere are a possible 19 questions the examiner can choose from to ask you, one willl be a "show me" question and the other a "tell me" question.

Here are a list of all the possible questions and the best answers.

Tell Me Questions

1. Tell me or show me how you would check the power steering is working on this car before starting a journey?

If the steering becomes heavy the system may not be working.

Two simple checks can be made before starting. slight pressure to one side on the steering wheel maintained when the engine is started should result in a slight but noticable movement as the system begins to operate. Alternatively turning the wheel to one side on moving off will give an immediate indication that the system is functioning before continuing to drive the car.

2. Tell me how you would check the brakes are working on this vehicle before driving it?

Press the brake pedal and ensure it didnt feel spongey or slack. Then move forward slowly and press the brake pedal again and make sure car doesnt pull to one side.

3. Tell me where you would find the information for the correct tyre pressures for this vehicle, and how you would check that pressure?

Find the information in the manufacturers guide book and check with a reliable pressure gauge when the tyres are cold.

4. Tell me how you would check the tyres to make sure they had sufficient tread depth and their general condition was safe to use on the road?

Make sure there are no cuts or bulges and they have 1.6 mm of tread depth in the central 3/4 of the breadth of the tyre and around the entire circumference.

5. Tell me how you would know if there was a problem with the anti lock brakingsystem on this car?

There would be a warning light on the dashboard.

6. Tell me how you would adjust your head restraint to ensure it is in best position to prevent injury in the event of a crash?

Adjust it to ensure the rigid part is above the level of the top of your ears or eye level and as close to the head as comfortable.

7. Tell me how you would check the head and tail lights are working on this car?

Switch on the ignition, switch on the lights and walk around the vehicle to check operation of each light.

Show me questions

1. Identify where you would check the engine oil level on this car and tell me ?

Open bonnet and identify where the dipstick is and say to check it between the maximum and minimum levels

2. Identify where you would check the coolant level on this car and tell me how you would check it?

Open bonnet and identify the coolant reservoir and show the Max/Min markings on the side.

3. Identify where you would check the hydraulic brake fluid level on this car?

Open bonnet and idnetify where the hydraulic brake fluid reservoir is and show the Max/Min levels.

4. Identify where you would check the windscreen washer fluid level?

Open the bonnet and show where the winscreen washer reservoir is and say to check the level visually and top up.

5. Show me how you would put your headlights from dipped to main beam? And how you would know when main beam is on?

Put the ingnition on a switch on the dipped headlights, then pull indicator stalk to switch onto Main beam and identify they are on by showing the "blue" symbol on the dashboard.

6. Show me how you would switch on the high visiblity fog lights on this vehicle and tell me when you would use them?

Switch on ignition, switch on headlights and then fog lights. Fog lights to be used when visibility is reduced to less than 100 meteres.

7. Show me how you would wash the windscreen using the windscreen wipers and washers?

Switch on the ignition and press the end of the wiper stalk (Fiesta) to operate the wipers and washers at same time.

8. Show me how you would check the direction indicators are working on the car before we start the driving test?

Operate the Hazaed warning switch and walk around the vehicle and check operation of the 6 lights.

9. Show me how you would set up the demisters to demist the front and back winscreens?

Set up the speed of the fan to fast, air temperature to warm and the air direction to the front screen sign. Switch on the rear window demister switch.

10. Show me how you would check the horn is working?

Press horn and listen for sound (Usually no need to put ignition on for this task)

11. Show me how you would check the parking brake for excessive wear?

Apply footbrake, release handbrake then reapply it and ensure it secures itself before it reaches the end of it travel.