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Learning to drive in Wrexham

The roads of Wrexham offer great variety of situations for learner drivers, from large multi lane roundabouts to narrow windy country lanes.

Most of the driving test routes include all of these situations and we at Nigel Richards Driving School include detailed preparation with our structured driving lessons.

We also advice any parents or accompanying drivers who provide practice in between our driving lesson on the most suitable areas their candidates should practice on.

Despite all the driving challenges Wrexham offers there are some superb areas for absolute beginner learner drivers start their driving lessons. The remainder of this post will cover those areas in the hope that it will inform parents and accompanying drivers.

Wrexham Industrial Estate LL13 9XT

All Wrexham Driving Schools are extremely lucky to have this vast area with tens of superb, simple yet challenging enough junctions for any learner driver to learn basic skills.

Most driving instructors start their pupils off on the area around Clywedog Road South.

We at Nigel Richards Driving School usually start off on Clywedog Road South with the Bonaprene factory on our left. This offers a superb straight road for pupils to try simple move off and stop exercises before making their first turns into side roads of Clywedog Road East and Clywedog Road North.

This block is excellent to encourage up and down gears whilst making simple turns into side roads, with out too much traffic around them.

Once the pupils have their initial skills honed then there are some great roads off the industrial estate towards Marchwiel or up the Cefn Road towards Borras.

Llay Industrial Estate LL12 0TU

Another suitable area for early driving lessons in Wrexham is the LLay Indsutrial Estate. Whilst not having the variety of Wrexham industrial estate Llay still offers an excellent practice area for initial driving skills.

We find the most suitable area to start is near the Sharp Factory and heading down Davy Way to Miners Road and the complete a left turn onto Rackery Lane before turning back into Davy way.

Right turns can be completed by using the roundabout at the bottom of Davy Way to right around and back up to follow the same route the opposite way around.

Once skills are of a suitable standard pupils can further their experience with a drive to the village of Penyffordd where again left and right turns can be completed with added challenges of more parked vehicles.

Rhosddu Industrial Estate, Wrexham LL11 4YL

The closest suitable industrial area to Wrexham town centre in Rhosddu Industrial Estate. A much smaller are the the two aforementioned areas it is still a suitable for the basic driving skills to be developed.

Move offs, stops, left and right turns can all be practised here but higher gear changes are limited due to the shorter length of the straights. But still basic skills can be masterered.

Once those have been attained then it is a relatively straight and simple drive to Llay and over to Penyffordd.

If time is limited Rhosddu offers a great option rather than the lengthy drive to Wrexham or Llay areas.

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