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Our Knowledge Centre is here to provide answers to the most common questions asked by people who want to start learning to drive. We hope you find it useful.

Why is learning to drive so hard?

There are many reasons why some people find learning to drive difficult here are some of the main reasons.

It is often the first time you try to control something with your feet. Many problems with car control are with the pedals, its is often the reason many learners are seen "Kangarooing" down the road.

To understand why this happens take a moment to think what have you done with your feet prior to starting to learn to drive?

Walking, running, jumping and kicking are the main activities, all big movements. Therefore, your brain only associates your feet with hard forceful movements and that is why you slam the gas and brakes on, jump right off the clutch and go "kangarooing" off down the the road!

Learning to control the pedals to within the thickness of a £1 coin with your feet is very difficult to do, especially with shoes and socks on too!

This can be made easier by having very thin soled shoes on adn having your feet in the correct positions is vital.

A good driving instructor will ensure your your feet are correctly positioned and advice on footwear from the start of your lessons. Paying great detail to these points in the beginning will pay dividends later and help you to learn easier and faster